putting PPE in the hands of NYC's frontline

We are a community of healthcare workers and NYC residents working to purchase, produce and deliver REUSABLE PPE to NYC.

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so far.

We won’t stop until we are all protected.

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Healthcare workers and NYC residents need protective equipment for the long haul. It’s time for a shift to economically and environmentally sustainable solutions. Reusable PPE is the answer.

Reusable Respirators for Healthcare Workers

Elastomeric Half Mask Respirator
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Reusable Masks for Community Members

Cloth Masks

We will not leave our front line defenseless. We stand for them Now.

Since COVID Courage launched we have produced, purchased and distributed over 30,000 pieces of PPE to communities and hospitals in all 5 boroughs of NYC.

Now we are working on SUSTAINABLE PPE.

The ongoing purchase of expensive and disposable N95s is not possible for many hospitals, especially those in under-served communities. Reusable Respirators provide equivalent protection for healthcare workers for a fraction of the cost. Imagine a hospital where every single frontline healthcare worker has their own reusable mask that will last for years! This is our goal.

CovidCourage will be expanding this program to hospitals throughout the city, the state and the country. Together, we can ensure that every frontline healthcare worker can safely care for our communities today and every day.

Learn more about our Brooklyn Hospital Center Pilot Project.

Read our joint letter to Governor Cuomo & Mayor de Blasio.

Our commitment to providing cloth masks to the community also continues.


New York City needs all of us. Now.

Donate now to directly purchase reusable respirators for NYC hospitals.

Respirators are urgently needed to prepare our hospitals for the next COVID surge, and every donation counts!

Donate Now.
Donation impact levels for reusabled respirators

Donate or make cloth masks for community members.

It’s time for every New Yorker to put on a mask when they are in public or at work.

Donate now to directly purchase cloth masks for NYC community members.

And if you would like to begin making masks with Covid Courage email us to connect.

Partner with us.

Generate new ideas, build partnerships, or volunteer your time to this effort.

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COVID–Courage was formed by concerned NYC residents and doctors.

We are working to find alternate and innovative ways to get the resources that NYC desperately needs - Now.

This website was created to provide a secure platform for the donation of funds and creation of community. 100% of donations received will be used for the purchase and distribution of materials and equipment to NYC health facilities and hard-hit communities.

Dr. Natasha Anushri Anandaraja is coordinating this effort as a physician who has first hand knowledge of the urgent need for equipment in our healthcare facilities. She can be reached directly at dr.anandaraja@covidcourage.is

501c3 coverage for donations and this website are being generously provided by the School of Humanity & Awareness in Atlanta, Georgia, a non-profit that has worked with people for 20 years to build collective awareness and impact for global good.

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